Mount Institute Ski League

 2000 Season

Minutes of the Fall 1999 Ski Coaches Meeting

held at Eaglebrook School, 11/11/99

  1. Welcome to the 1999-2000 Season
    1. Convened 7:00 p.m.
    2. Introductions
    3. Those in attendance
      1. Bement School - Brett Morrison, Colleen Teasdale Filler
      2. Deerfield Academy - Marc Dancer
      3. Eaglebrook School - Jack Shea
      4. Miss Hall's School - Mike Dugan
      5. Northfield Mt. Hermon School - Greg Leeds
      6. Stoneleigh Burnam School - Janice Hanley, Allison MacDonald
      7. Taft School - Matt Blanton, Rebecca Loud
      8. Williston Northampton School - Melissa Wockley, Rick Lucchesi
  2. Race Dates
    1. There was little debate as to the scheduled 5 races since Berkshire East is hosting the NEPSAC Div. 1 Ski Championships on Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2000.
    All Wednesdays Varsity JV/Juniors
    1/12 GS GS
    1/19 SL GS
    1/26 GS SL
    2/2 SL GS
    2/9 GS GS
    2/23 Rain Date @Eaglebrook
  3. Leadership Positions
    1. General discussion and reminders for:
      1. Presidents
        1. Greg Leeds
        2. Marc Dancer
      2. Head Gatekeeper
        1. Mike LeBel
      3. Public Relations
        1. There is no one person in charge of PR
        2. The statistician should investigate how the local papers want information conveyed to them, i.e. e-mail, fax.
        3. This information should include race results and weekly varsity standings.
        4. Teams should identify local skiers.
        5. Preseason overview to be written and submitted by Jack Shea
        6. Website
  4. Revision of By-laws
    1. Greg Leeds presented his revisions to the leagues by-laws
    2. The new by-laws will be distributed at a later date.
    3. Some of the key points
      1. The loss of a ski means that the skier cannot finish the race
      2. No second run for DNF's or DQ's on the varsity course
      3. jury meeting after race
      4. Gatekeepers need to draw clear diagrams
      5. Gatekeepers nee to be available following the race
    4. The name of league was changed from Mount Institute Race Series to Mt. Institute Ski League
  5. Fees
    1. Fees will hopefully remain at $80 per team entered
    2. final fee to be determined pending negotiations with Berkshire East
    3. As teams collapse squads there is a loss in revenue for the league.

Adjourned 8:45